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Tile Pillow (20x20)

Tile Pillow (20x20) - ALLEM STUDIO
Tile Pillow (20x20) - ALLEM STUDIO

Hand appliqued by the women artisans - Sourcing of this pillow is no easy task since our order was spread over so many households and villages. The sewing unit cuts the fabric in a basic pattern and hands over the cut bundles to women in their villages. Rate, timeline and other factors are all debated, discussed and agreed upon and then the work begins. And we wait. We have no way of knowing how the products would look - just have faith in the process and the talent of the ladies and they never disappoint. It has been so many years since we have been working with them and we're still astonished by their immense talent and dedication to the craftswoman-ship. Anything that is handmade and has an artistic, cultural and design integrity is always beautiful. A lot of traditional crafts are now being duplicated in factories all over the globe and this hurts the indigenous traditions and crafts. ⁠
Our Tile pillow. - Hand embroidered & proudly authentic.⁠

Insert is included.

Pillow size is 20" X 20".

The fabric is Cotton. The base fabric color is white, Applique colour is deep turquoise. The pillow is embroidered in front and is plain at back.

Zipper closure at the bottom hem. 

Embroidered by the talented artisans of India. Each pillow takes 3 days to complete. 

Feather down insert included. 

Cleaning Instructions - Spot clean only.

Tile Pillow (20x20) - ALLEM STUDIO
Tile Pillow (20x20) - ALLEM STUDIO

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